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You may be wondering what the best skin product is to use? Or what makes a natural cosmetic…well, natural? How do I create smokey eyes? Or perhaps you're dying to know how you should style your hair this weekend?

You've come to the right place for a plethora of tips and advice, designed to help you look and feel the best that you can.

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Like myself, you may have already tried all the moisturizers, lipsticks, anti-aging creams under the sun, but often they end up costly and ineffective. I had no clue about beauty, style and makeup even though I really wanted to know what I was putting on my skin, how I should apply makeup, how to create certain looks and achieve the desired result. So I came to the conclusion that, after many years of practice and experiments, I should share my experience with you.

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For example, did you know that the chemical phthalates is in many high street cosmetics, yet has many negative health effects? Or that a drop of lemon and some brown sugar could actually even out skin pigmentation or lighten the tone completely, without spending a fortune on nasty chemicals? Do you exfoliate often enough? Do you moisturize too much? Did you know that if you do, you may clog the pores of your skin? And did you know that the most flattering nail shape is in fact "squoval"?

With a large range of beauty hints and tips, as well as starter guides on many beauty subjects, here you can get answers to all those burning questions and more. It may be that you're frustrated with a certain product or beauty regime, or perhaps you are searching for ideas to do things differently, try something new, or even create a whole new look. Welcome to a whole new world, full of inspiration and refreshing tips, for a brand new you. Welcome to your private beauty resource!